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If you're looking to reach the radio industry, RADIO ONLINE's Radio Station Database can help with a complete list of AM, FM and FM translator in the U.S. Over 25,000 radio stations records that can be categorized by the top 400 metro areas. Using real time monitoring technology, radio outlets are polled every day to implement same day changes for personnel, e-mail addresses (when available), call letters, formats, web sites and ownership. The best part -- it's available entirely online for 24/7 access.

RADIO ONLINE's Radio Station Database allows you to be in control. You decide what information to include or exclude when compiling a list based on the search parameters you provide. Our catalog of stations includes:

Call Letters
Mailing Address
Phone number
Fax number
Text number
General E-mail Address
Market Served
City of License
HD Channels
Staff Positions
Staff E-mail (when available)
Web Address
Market Rank
Nielsen Audio Topline Results

RADIO ONLINE's Radio Station Database starts at $298 and comes with 30 days of anytime updates. These updates can be purchased for up to a year for as little as $398 for the database and updates.

$298.00 plus one month of anytime updates
$338.00 plus 3 months of anytime updates
$368.00 plus 6 months of anytime updates
$398.00 plus 12 months of anytime updates

For a view of the Radio Station Database's current station count by format along with other statistics, click here.

Special Bonus Discount for August: Purchase R|O's Radio Station Database for $298.00 and receive one year of anytime updates for only one dollar. Plus, you'll also receive our database of music air personalities, news/talk and sports personalities and sales account executives. Use the Promo Code RSDB299 for the special.

Station database fees are payable in U.S. Funds and are non-refundable.

Click here to purchase RADIO ONLINE's Radio Station Database

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Premiere Networks: Syndicated Delilah returned as a host for the annual Broadway in Bryant Park summer performance series in New York presented by affiliate 106.7 LITE FM. Delilah is pictured with the cast of Aladdin: Major Attaway ''Genie'' (left), Arielle Jacobs ''Jasmine''(second from left), Delilah and Telly Young