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Display Ad FAQs

Where do my ads come from?
If you have a program like PhotoShop and are experienced using it, you can make them yourself. Or you may contact a third party for assistance with ad production. They must be either in the .GIF, .JPG or .PNG format.

How do I submit my ads when they are ready?
Display ads are uploaded using our Ad Control Panel or Ad Setup Wizard. The Ad Control Panel allows you to upload, change or replace your produced display ads at any time. You can also start, stop, expand and adjust your ad running dates as you like.

What size display ad am I paying for?
This package includes three display ads sized 620x80, 280x130 and 170x75. All three ads run at the same time in different areas of RADIO ONLINE's content on an unlimited basis. The leaderboard ads (620x80) appear in a fixed position at the top of the page, while box ads (280x130) are seen in the far right hand columns and panel ads (170x75) appear in our daiily newsletters.

Here are examples of each size:

620x80 sample
280x130 sample
170x75 sample

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