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Fixed Position Display Ads Buy Now

Starting at $99 per day, fixed ad positions are available for 620x80 banner ads in your choice of RADIO ONLINE's highest traffic categories:

  • Main Menu (Front Page)
  • Radio Daily Newsletter
  • Industry News
  • Industry Directory
  • Quick Snaps
  • Airchecks
  • Job Openings
  • Promotions
  • Radio Ratings
  • Show Prep

Using RADIO ONLINE's Ad Control Panel, it's easy to upload your 620x80 display ad, choose the category and set the run dates. If available, the ad will remain in the first ad position of several high traffic pages during the dates you chose (ranging from 1 to 5 consecutive days).

With the ad dashboard you can manage your display ad at any time, modifying the run dates, the click-thru address, or replacing the ad entirely. This can be extremely useful for promotions or new products, or simply to make the most of your ad dollars.

620x80 sample

Claim your bonus! You'll also receive a free one month subscription to RADIO ONLINE's subscription services for every fixed position ad purchased -- a $35 per month value. And that's not all, the more ads you purchase, the cheaper they get.

Convinced? We’ve made it easy to purchase and maintain your advertising online. Click here to setup your account and start building your web traffic and client base today.

Notice: RADIO ONLINE reserves the right to refuse to run any ad in which we consider to be offensive or not of interest to our readers, visitors, subscribers or members of the commercial broadcast radio industry.

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