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Tim Hunter, Show Prep Editor & Comedy Writer

For over three decades, Tim Hunter haunted the radio airwaves, with twenty of those years in the sleep-deprived state known as "morning drive": first, as producer for "The Larry Nelson Show" on KOMO-AM/Seattle, then as the middle man of the "Murdock, Hunter & Alice Show" on 92.5-KLSY-FM/Seattle from 1989-2003. He worked a year at the new 100.7 The Wolf in Seattle and then, after a 15 year vacation in advertising, returned to KRKO/Everett and spends his weekday mornings playing "Everett's Greatest Hits" (on krko.com).

In addition to being a screenwriter, author and newspaper columnist, Hunter was also part of the White Collar Comedy Fax Team that contributed material to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." He continues writing comedy material for a ventriloquist, a comic strip and a political cartoonist in his spare time. He's currently in development of an animated series for a yet-to-be-announced Canadian company.

After making his contribution to Daily Show Prep each morning for us, he serves as the Chief Creative Officer/Copywriter/Voice & on-camera talent for Create Impulse, an advertising agency in Seattle, as well as Tim Hunter Creative Services. Hunter joined the RADIO ONLINE staff in May, 2003, and is the writer/voice of our world-famous and occasionally funny "City Cinema" feature.

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