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S. Steven Struble, Airchecks & Graphics Design

Yes, that's him. You're looking at S. Steven Struble, the guy with the best job in the radio business. Singlehandedly, he's edited and/or scoped the audio of the industry's top air personalities since February, 2000. And get this, he gets paid for it. Struble has probably listened to more modern-day radio than anyone else this century. I suppose that would explain the look on his face.

Anyway, for someone that has radio's dream job, he had no previous industry experience before joining RADIO ONLINE. Struble met the Chases when he went to work for Lisa's independent comic book company, Third Millennium Comics, in 1999. Since then he has worked as an Airchecks and Web Site Editor for ROL while partnering with Lisa in several very successful comic book releases.

In what he calls his real profession, Struble is a writer/artist/editor, and owner of Cartoon Militia. He's done work for Marvel, DC & Image comics. His artwork has appeared in YM, Spin, Wizard, XXL, Urb, The Source, Transworld Skateboarding Magazine and Mad.

And yes -- the person that listens to more radio than your consultant -- is a poet. And he's in the music business too. He was an Art Director at Springman Records from 1999-2005, co-ordinating art and packaging for several releases.

Struble is also the creator of The Li'l Depressed Boy and writes his stories at lildepressedboy.com

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