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About Us

Lisa Chase, Senior Editor and Co-Founder

Lisa began her broadcasting & journalism career in 1977 at West Texas State University in Canyon, TX, before moving to KGNC-AM & FM in nearby Amarillo in 1980. Following husband Ron to Memphis in 1981, she joined WMC-FM (FM100) working under Gary Guthrie, and later crosstown WDIA-AM, working under then Viacom head Bill Figenshu.

In 1984, Lisa and husband Ron launched Supertraxx Production-Services, where she produced TV commericals for concert promoters on a national basis. Soon after installing a modem, in their company's computer sytem, Ron & Lisa became interested in Bulletin Board Systems and in 1989 put their industy background to work with the launch of RADIO ONLINE.

Today, Lisa is RADIO ONLINE's Senior editor. She searches the web daily to help stock the Daily Show Prep. She also edits and maintains the "Promotional Planner," a marketing & promotions tool used around the world by thousands of radio professionals.

Don't tell anyone, but Lisa lives a double life. She's well known in the comic book industry, having published several independent comics. She's an avid video game player and shares a passion for science fiction with Ron. She too is a Christian, but not a vegetarian like Ron -- after all, she's from Texas.

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