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If you're looking for e-mail addresses to help you reach the radio industry, RADIO ONLINE's Commercial Radio Database can help with a complete list of broadcast radio stations in the top 400 metro areas. Using real time monitoring technology, radio outlets are polled every day to implement same day changes for personnel, e-mail addresses, call letters, formats, web sites and ownership. The best part -- it's available entirely online for 24/7 access.

RADIO ONLINE's Commercial Radio Station Database allows you to be in control. You decide what information to include or exclude when compiling a list based on the search parameters you provide. You can even update an existing database. Our catalog of stations includes:

Call Letters
Mailing Address
Phone number
Fax number
Text number
General E-mail Address
Market Served
City of License
HD Channels
20 Staff Positions
Staff E-mail (when available)
Web Address
Market Rank
Nielsen Audio 12+ Results

RADIO ONLINE's Commercial Radio Station Database starts at $298 and comes with 30 days of anytime updates. These updates can be purchased for up to a year for as little as $398 for the database and updates.

$298.00 plus one month of anytime updates
$338.00 plus 3 months of anytime updates
$368.00 plus 6 months of anytime updates
$398.00 plus 12 months of anytime updates

For a view of the Radio Station Database's current station count by format along with other statistics, click here.

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Station database fees are payable in U.S. Funds and are non-refundable.

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