Limitations on Use & Copyright

The radio station data provided under this service agreement is Copyright by 2019 RADIO ONLINE and is licensed for use by one individual and/or their company and its subsidiaries. The data must not be sold, rented, loaned or furnished to any other entities. It may not be posted on a web site, ftp site or for download by any entity. Ultimately, the rights to use the data belongs to the payee.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Although RADIO ONLINE makes every effort to update its radio station data on a continuing basis, no warranty is made on the accuracy of the data when used via U.S. mail, fax or e-mail delivery.

Some addresses may be from FCC records if the physical address is not readily available. In these rare instances, the address will most likely will be that of the parent company.

Permitted Use

You must agree to use reasonable effort to filter or delete any duplicate e-mail addresses before sending e-mail. You must also agree to use blind carbon copy (BCC) so other e-mail addresses are not displayed to the recipient.

Information may only be used by licensed subscribers only. Reprinted with permission. All audience estimates contained in this publication are copyrighted by Nielsen. The company reserves all rights with respect to its audience estimates.

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